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Jack-Mat Hearth Safety

Fireplace Hearth Safety - Jack-Mat of the Week 6/16/11

This is the first official 'Jack-Mat of the Week' post.  The hearth we have selected is a great example of the different angles and shapes we can build with the Jack-Mat.  As you can see, this hearth is very long.  There is a log storage area next to the fireplace.  The fireplace has several angles to work around.

This is a wood burning fireplace.  The goal is to build a hearth seat that can still be used while having a fire.  To do this, we built the hearth safety seat in two pieces so the seat could be removed in front of fire and still have seating on hearth.

There is an octoganal face on the fireplace that needed to have the hearth safety seat built around.  The Jack-Mat fits snug against the frame of fireplace.

There are many ways to design a Jack-Mat fireplace hearth safety pad for your fireplace to make it functional and also be a great addition to the decor in your home.  Safety can be stylish also.  The following link will show you all of the fabric colors available to you in the duraweave fabric.  We have found the duraweave to be the longest lasting, easy to clean fabric available for this application.

Click Here

So there you have it!  Look each week to see the latest and greatest in fireplace hearth safety.  Thank you.

Rob Kruse


Fireplace Hearth Safety - The Jack-Mat


We are so excited to finally have a blog about the 'original' in fireplace hearth safety.  The Jack-Mat has been around for over 12 years.  This patented product has been saving children and adults of all ages from injury around the fireplace while providing additional comfortable seating for years.  

The Jack-Mat is a piece of furniture for your hearth.  We begin with a wooden subframe that is custom built to fit any shape and size hearth.  The standard depth is 12" but can be made to any depth.  There is a 2" fire retardant foam pad that is installed on frame and covered in dacron.  Next, fire retardant fabric covers the seat.  There are six standard colors that we stock, but over 150 colors to choose from to match your decor.  We even have designer vinyl and Sunbrella fabric for your outdoor fireplace needs.  The Jack-Mat has furniture feet underneath to ensure a firm fit while not damaging the hearth.  The cool thing about this product is that a child cannot pull this loose, but if you desire to show off your stone hearth, any adult can easily remove the Jack-Mat and store until needed again.


 For those parents that are still concerned about the lower portion of the hearth, we also have matching skirts that slide under the Jack-Mat.  The skirts are also made with a wooden frame so they are very sturdy and prevent your child from pulling it loose or even removing it like some foam pads..  This comes in very handy when your baby is in the crawling stage or figures out how to roll around.  The picture below shows the skirts.  The skirts can also be made to fit any height of your hearth.


The Jack-Mat is a preferred product of retail fireplace stores and childproofers all over the U.S. and Canada.  You can also check us out at the Jack-Mat  website.

We look forward to posting the "Jack-Mat of the week" each week and offering design ideas that also keep your family safe. 


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